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NEA Sound Changing Markets
It's harder than ever in todays music market to keep up with the changes.  The venues
have been slowly changing to where you need a booking agent to get a gig and most of
the large firms will not work with a new or "not well known" band.  This is mainly due to the
fact a smaller act doesn't pay the agent as well as a large one.  In years gone by this was
a large factor due to advertising, promotional, demo cutting, and telephone expenses.  In
todays world these are as major of a factor as they used to be due to unlimited long
distance, the internet and many independent recording studios.

The independent studio has had problems because they are not into the promotion arena
and many do not know how to get a record into the stores or on the air.  The radio industry
has changed in several ways as well.  One of the biggest ways is that many will not give
you play time unless your recordings are for sale in local shops so that listeners can buy
them.  Distributors will not work with most "indie" artists because there are a rapidly
growing number and many artists do not have enough supplies to put their music into
numerous stores or the money to back the promotion of a new recording.  The promotion
alone can reach well into the millions of dollars, a risk most people can not take.

With so many extremely talented independent artists out there it's a shame more can not
get the recognition or service they truly deserve.  NEA Sound treats every artist and band
as though you were largely known and we promote each to the very best of our abilities.  
We book shows and can handle your management in all it's aspects freeing you up to
work on the music you so love.  NEA Sound works for you.  We offer a great number of
services usually reserved for well known bands and singers to you as well as handling the
large acts.  How does this help you faster?  You stand a better chance of getting known
quickly if you are booked to open for a nationally known band than you ever would playing
in your local area.  We can't promise you the stars but we can certainly treat your act like
the star you want to be.

NEA Sound has the venues to keep you performing, help get you record sales, help get
you on the radio, and help with most any other needs you may have.  NEA Sound can help
you with designing your press kit in an economical manor  but keeping it professional,
organized and attractive.  We can help you decide what you need in one and how best to
get it together  We can help with your public profile and get you promoted with varying
contracts to suit your individual needs.

Thank you for checking out NEA Sound and we hope to hear from you soon.

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