Questions about NEA Sound
Q :  What can NEA Sound do for me?

A :  NEA Sound can help promote your music career in a myriad of ways.  NEA Sound can
manage your band or career from the start and provide you with total career management
involving your booking, scheduling, billing, collecting, finances, new gear and so much more.

  NEA Sound can provide booking only management for you or your band.  We schedule
bookings from a week to a year in advance for you.  We know the industry and have the
contacts to keep your band busy with new gigs and work to promote your top pay.

  NEA Sound helps you in distributing your recorded music with a distribution contract.  We
have the contacts to get your music into the stores now, not in years.  You need to
understand that you can mail radio stations for years and never get on the radio.  In todays
best markets if your music is not in the stores, you will never be on the radio.  This is all due
to contracts we specialize in and know how to get you promoted quickly.

  NEA Sound can get you booked into the studio for some demo time, help with back up
vocalists or locate the right studio musicians for you to record a professional demo to
promote your career in music.  We have many contacts in the business which work closely
with us to provide you and your band the best in the business at prices new bands can

  NEA Sound offers you business management, we take care of your expenses and income
and your taxes.  We provide you with services including filing your taxes paying your band
acquired expenses, booking your motels rooms for tours, making all your travel
arrangements, and most importantly getting your paycheck for performances.

Q : Is NEA Sound expensive?

A :  NEA Sound has different contracts to best suit your individual needs.  As is industry
standards we don't make a dime until you do.  Our contracts range from 10% to 20%
depending on the services contracted and the income potential of your group.  The higher
your income the lower our percentage.  This is standard in the music industry since we
assume a great risk by dealing with unknown bands and acts and most venues do not pay
that great to start you off.  We invest many hours and a lot of money into promoting you and
your group including but not limited to telephone charges, paper and mailing costs, publicity
charges and maintaining a network to best support you.

Q :  Why choose NEA Sound to work with?

A :  Many management groups will not take on newer bands or ones which are not widely
known.  At NEA Sound we feel everyone deserves a break and we have the skills and
experience to help your career.  We are for the first time opening our mail to anyone in the
business and looking forward to working with several new acts this year.  As you probably
are aware by now most agencies will not work with independent performers "Indie Artists"
because they do not make huge money that way.  We actually enjoy seeing you go from   
unknown to highly visible and widely recognized and knowing we played a part in your

Q :  Can NEA Sound help with our bands projected image and how the public feels about

A :  YES, NEA Sound has the experience and knowledge to help you gain the public trust,
approval and loyalty creating a fan base not just for today but for years to come.
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