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                           NEA SOUND EVENTS

NEA Sound Services can offer you a wide choice of services for most any event
you are planning!  If you are having a corporate affair we can provide you with in
house sound for speakers or a piano lounge style set up.  We can even book
the talent for you if need be.

NEA Sound can offer you music for an event or party via our in house Dee Jays.
 We handle most any style of music!  If you need classical for an event we have
it, pop, we have it, hip-hop, we have it, country, southern rock, jazz, we have it!  
Curtis is one of our in house Dee Jays who has over 25 years in the industry
and has worked everything from oldies nights to top ten in the rap music.  NEA
Sound has accomplished Dee Jay services for most any event you need to plan.
Call NEA Sound for a free estimate and booking fees for our services.

                    NEA SOUND SOUND SYSTEM

NEA Sound offers several choices in sound systems you can use.  We have
smaller but high powered systems for a speaking and ambient music affairs.  
NEA Sound has systems which are high power and non obtrusive for the
speaking and entertainment engagement.  We also have all out concert sound
using 6 down thrusting 15" Black Widow enclosures for that chest thumping bass
and a full array of mid and high range speakers for the rest. All total we can
handle over 120 decibels for hours on end.

We offer full sound for the performers including stage monitors with stage mixing
and a final mix through the back board.  Our sound technicians are highly
trained and competent in the music industry.  Most of the sound equipment is
Peavey brand.

                          NEA SOUND LIGHTING

NEA SOUND Lighting has arrays of par cans to keep you lit while performing.  
We maintain an array of gels for coloring the lighting as well.  NEA Sound offers
special effects such as disco effects, smoke and fog effects and strobe lighting
effects.  Our par can bars also have spots on them to highlight a solo act or
singer while performing.  NEA Sound, we light up your life!
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NEA Sound Services, proud to offer you the best in entertainment!  NEA Sound Services can
plan part of an event for you or plan the entire event.  NEA Sound Services can provide a dee
jay for your entire event or as fill in when you hire a band.  For fill in, NEA Sound Services
offers a discount on the dee jay service so when the bands takes a break the show never

NEA Sound Services is proud to offer you most any type of music you need for most any event
you have.  Let NEA Sound Services provide all of your entertainment for your next event!
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